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Creativity helps us let go, overcome, connect and innovate

If you are feeling tired, stressed or looking for creative courage and innovation, this is a toolbox for you.

Today's world has become overwhelming, as we face a daily bombardment of stress, information and choices in every aspect of our lives, be it personal, professional, financial, political or environmental.

But creative meditation can help you find your way back to joy and calm in just a few simple steps! Creative meditation is a process designed to give you a set of tools to use to listen to and act on your daily thoughts and intuition. Beginning with lessons in meditation to help you calm your busy mind and leading to a series of painting exercises to help you release your creative energy and discover flow before showing you how to take time to reflect on the stories and messages underneath what you have created.

Creative meditation brings proven results in which course participants reports significant decreases in stress and perfectionism while at the same time experiencing huge increases in focus, self-confidence, joy, creativity and courage to face their everyday challenges and let go of toxic patterns as they make new choices and chart their own paths in life.

Now you can be one of them!


When we create together curiosity and creativity flows.