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Ingela Johansson creative toolmaker


I get nervous in a white room. Nature is pure nutrition in my world.

I admit to have a passion for the colors from 1970. If I could own a

treasure it would be a collection of patterns from around the world.

I love to travel, but home is in the forest. I am a creator and have had

art classes in 6 countries for over 15 years. Apart from art I have

studied the Silva method, meditation and Reiki Healing.


I am also an international contemporary artist, that has exhibited in

3 continents and have collectors in 21 countries.


If you are curious about my art click here.






The Zenart brand

Zenart is a creative spa for busy entrepreneurs.

She is incredibly cool, boosting creative energy and yet she is calm.


She is the guru in stripes that tell us about the importance of laughter, greens, and creation.


She wears lipstick with the smile of Buddha.


She looks upon the creative force as a source to gain new energy from, insight and also to find the path to create to feel awesome.


She loves a well-designed jacket, and would never say no to a hike in the forest.


She knows how it feels to get lost in a workload, and to feel empty in a well-designed home.


She knows that real power comes from the certainty of knowing yourself, and she continues to learn every day.


She understands that showing your dark sides can make them disappear, it makes the power of shame go away.