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Creative mindfulness

This course will help you develop a habit of creative mindfulness and give you a toolkit for creative mindfulness.

All exercises are aimed to have fun, relax, and reflect. Extra benefits are increased focus and new ideas.



All exercises are aimed to have fun, relax, and reflect. Extra benefits are increased focus and new ideas.

The exercises are inspired by what I learned from working and exploring in China, Bali, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore. Iran and Sweden. Like sharing from the soul from Bali, hand, eye, and heart from China and how to read colors from aboriginals artists.

Mindful arts are used in healthcare to treat stress, anxiety, and depression. 


Course Curriculum


COLOR - The personality of color.

SENSES - How to paint with all your senses.

RELAX - Paint to relax and have fun.

VISION - Creating a vision collage.

SYMBOL - Design your own personal symbol.

SKETCH -Tell a story in lines.


Every exercise takes 1 - 2 hours, you can develop and repeat as many times as you like.  

A suggestion would be to do 1 per week,

but it is all up to you when you have the time and the need.


A creative toolmaker is only an email away to give you feedback and answer any questions.


What do you need?

Skill level from complete beginner to artist. You paint your story!

A sponge (kitchen one works)

Tissues or kitchen paper

Paper for acrylic or watercolor in the size you like, for this bigger, is better A3 works

A set of acrylic, ink or watercolor make sure you have blue, yellow, red, black



This course is open all year.


This course is delivered straight to your mailbox, you can paint anywhere in the world.

The class will have a forum for interaction, for those that love sharing. Totally optional.


Creative Investment

150 Euro


"It gave me my passion back for creating." Ann Muller

Painting with scent
Painting with scent

All paintings displayed where painted with scent as the inspiration in a Zenart senses workshop.

Blue forest
Blue forest

Blue forest is an abstract acrylic painting made in creative meditation by Ingela Johansson.

Flow painting
Flow painting

Flow painting made by Ingela Johansson, Zenart.


Photo off how to create a vision collage exercise.

Flow pattern
Flow pattern

Creating with repetition can makes wonders on releasing stress in a creative mindfulness exercise.


A photo of a painted symbol outdoors in nature.