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"Art meditation has meant a lot to me. I am starting to 

get to know myself for who I truly am. It gives me an 

inner calm, strength and joy that I don't want to be

without. It is starting to become a part of my every day and I long for my moment to listen to myself... READ

Frida Magnusson

Art meditation

Meditate, create and reflect,  a 3-step method to relax, become aware and make decisions from your gut feeling. 

The end result we are looking for is the feeling of creating your own individual habit for a daily practice to set you up for a calm, focused life with flow.



Less time is spent worrying.

Better sleep and some students experience waking up without an alarm.

Patterns are discovered earlier. 

Improved focus and concentration. 

A way to work through emotions that needs to be expressed for you to evolve and understand. 

A method to help you be open towards your gut feeling and have a daily meeting to listen to your  intuition,

Activating your creative flow will also give you new ideas quicker and with ease, which can boost your career or business. 

Have fun daily, which is most likely one of our most neglected vitamins. 

Be more focused with a calm energy to perform on your best level. 

Connect to your inner child and your visions.


Category: Flow, Calm and Core


The 3 base ingredients in the concept


Meditation – Over 1500 studies have been done on why meditation is good for you and there are many benefits. It helps us lower stress and anxiety. It improves our sleep, not only sleeping through the night but sleeping deeper. Meditation improves our ability to focus and concentrate, which turns into that it is easier to deal with everyday life.  It also makes you look younger and more radiant. These are just a few of the major benefits of meditation. Join other busy people like Oprah, Ariana Huffington, Tim Ferris and Richard Branson that do find time for a daily meditation.


Creativity – when you tap into the flow of creativity you get a sense of joy from the experience of experimenting and playing with colour, answers to questions from your gut feeling, new brilliant ideas some days you might even get something colourful to frame. But the core of these works are about your personal story and not what they look like. No judgment instead it is storytelling your life in colour.


Reflection – The third part that is about personal understanding. This is where you connect the

 dots between your experience in meditation, creation and how it applies to your daily life. To apply the benefits from the art meditation fully, the reflection part is usually when you get the AHA moments and get to know yourself better.


When you connect all 3 you will have a better understanding of yourself, as it grows into a habit it can have huge benefits on your life and the practice will shift and vary as your life does. 


15 minutes a day for 21 days 

Meditate, create and reflect daily with, focus, clarity and curiosity


Who is this course for: Everyone that would like to increase mindfulness and focus. Release stress and align with their intuition. The art you create in this course might be the most important art you create in your life, as it will tell your story.


3 themes flow, balance and energy


The Method

1. Set your intention

2. Create with your soul

3. Reflect with curiosity


A creative toolmaker is only an email away to give you feedback and answer any questions.


What do you need?

Skill level from complete beginner to artist. You paint your story!

63 pages to draw on

A waterproof black ink pen.

A set of colours. Colour pens, watercolour, acrylic or what you like that is easy to work with.


This course is open to sign up any day

This course is delivered straight to your mailbox, you can paint anywhere in the world.

The class will have a forum for interaction, for those that love sharing. Totaly optional.


""I long for when it's time for the art mediation, it's like a booked meeting with my intuition." Wendy Wong

Your story
Drawing from an art journal on creative meditation by Ingela Johansson.
From an art journal by Ingela Johansson for Zenart.
creative meditation
To draw with intuition can teach us a lot about our feelings and what we truly want.
creative meditation
A picture of an ink sketch made straight from meditation by Ingela Johansson.
A tree sketch from an art journal made straight from meditation by Ingela Johansson for Zenart.
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