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Create to Flow by Ingela Johansson,

If you want to become more creative, find your purpose, and develop your trust in yourself. 

"The method in the book Create to Flow has helped me to connect with my intuition, creativity, and spirit. It has helped me tremendously in my work as an artist, as it is a fantastic way to unlock hidden and slumbering potentials."

Theresa Vidjeskog Ahlman, Textile artist, and illustrator, Karlstad

Read Create to Flow and take a journey of creative self-discovery. 

All you need is some paper, colors and a brush to start.

You can do the practice when it suits you and you don't even need wifi.

But, I can promise you that it will be an interesting journey filled with color.

You will find exercises to nudge your creative will, and get to know yourself with full colors.

"Creative Meditation doesn't change what happens in life, but it makes it so much easier to deal with everyday problems." Karen French, Singapore

Create to Flow has been nominated for The Golden Door Awards, 2021.

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Read more about the science behind the book:

Exploratory tudy on Creative Meditation, "How creativity increases wellbeing, Mathilde Gautier, PhD"

The card deck Create to Flow is also available for daily creative inspiration.

About the author:

Ingela Johansson is a Swedish international artist and teacher who has worked with creativity and art in eight countries. Ingela is the founder of Zenart and inventor of the process of Creative Meditation.

"Creative meditation became a tool for reflection, playfulness, and creativity for me. I have continued to use the method after the course and apart from stillness and reflections it has given me new perspectives and a lot of joy." Maria Lindblad, Sweden

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