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Healthcare with creativity,

Stress is the most common reason for people, on sick leave today in Sweden. The numbers have been growing rapidly. The work pressure is high, and we are constantly looking for balance. The situation is the same in many countries.


Zenart can be an effective tool to manage stress and anxiety, for those who like to be creative. You don't need to know how to paint or draw to try. To use art to manage stress is nothing new, but since 2000 a lot of research has been done on why it works so well.


Studies have shown that the level of Cortisol (stress hormone) goes down after as little as 30 min of art practice.

To create Mandalas also enhances focus, and connection between the creative and the logical part of your brain.

Art practice seems to make you unwind, become more creative and focused.


Links to science  The cultural brain





Teamwork with creativity

We customize creative team activities to boost creativity and innovation. 

Contact us for more information and ideas: Swedishartanddesign@gmail.com 


Courses for projects

Zenart has been involved in an EU project in Sweden helping young adults suffering from anxiety and depression.