Create to Flow

A course in creative meditation

If you want to become more creative, find your purpose, and develop your trust in yourself. 

Create to Flow is a six weeks course in creative meditation to reduce stress and anxiety so that you can be inflow. You will learn a three-step practice that starts with mindfulness and later simple meditations, moves to creativity and ends with reflection. 

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The next course start 2021 08 23.

Course outline



Exercises: balance circle, vision collage

Purpose: An inventory of your starting point and vision.



Exercises: foundation materials and mindfulness

Purpose: learn the foundations of the process and chose materials.



Exercises: warm-up painting to flow and play

Purpose: learning to paint without judgment and focus on creative exploration.


Listen to Intuition  

Exercises: color alphabet, your intuitive GPS

Purpose: create a personal color alphabet and practice listening in.


Create to Innovate  

Exercises: limitation, perspective

Purpose: learning the creative process and how to boost creativity.


Build to Iconic  

Exercises: belief, your inner icon

Purpose: working with your own icons and beliefs to build your visit You will also reflect on your balance circle and letter from week one.

Why is it worth taking the time?

In November 2019 Mathilda Gautier that holds a P.HD in arts from the Sorbonne University

did a study "When creativity increases wellbeing". These are some of the voices of the students:

"I feel safer with myself."

"It allows me to sort out what's important and what's not"

"I was a lot in control, the course helped me to let go of control."

You can find the whole study here

Student Gallery:

Q&A on the course:

The pace of the course and time commitment:

Reading one chapter and two exercises with time for reflection each week. 2 - 3 h per week

If you have time and want to work with your personal self-discovery I suggest practicing creative meditation for 20 min each morning. Once you have bought the course it is yours to do when you have the time, you have support through zoom or email for 3 months.

I can't meditate can I still do the course?

Many of the exercises in the course are simple mindfulness practices like listening and staying

present during one song. You can choose which ones you like and practice them.

I wasn't good at the arts in school is this course still for me?

This course is about listening to yourself through pictures and colors. The focus is on the story and not what it looks like. You will not learn creative techniques that focus on non-judgment, play, curiosity, and storytelling. If you find it hard to draw try starting off with collage or photographs. I will not ask you to draw any specific subject I will ask you to draw and write on themes such as your beliefs.

Who will coach me through this?

You will learn to read your own pictures and reflections, so in that sense, you are your own coach. But, I will guide you through the process of materials, and the method by

showing you my reflections.  I am always a zoom call or email away. 

What materials do I need?

I suggest using what you have. If you have no art materials this is my suggestion:

Acrylic starter pack, 2 brushes, one black waterproof pen, watercolor paper, and a

notebook for reflection. You will also need old magazines and paper glue for the collage.

If you have any further questions before starting the  send me an email:

Try a self care, exercise

"Creative meditation became a tool for reflection, playfulness, and creativity for me. I have continued to use the method after the course and apart from stillness and reflections it has given me new perspectives and a lot of joy." Maria Lindblad, Sweden