Creativity and wellbeing

Cultural Health

How creativity and culture increase emotional wellbeing.

That we feel better when we listen to music, paint or go to the theater is nothing new especially not to people

working in this field and through history, it has been used in many ways but now scientists can measure how

significant this can be.


Since 2000 a number of large studies have been done that have started to measure the impact that culture has on health.

A study at Drexel University tested 3 groups of students before the exam. One group tried coloring, one did Mandalas and one did free painting all for 30 min. They could conclude that the stress hormone had gone down by 30% after 30 min of creating.

Report from the UK click UK for a pdf with the full report.

In short they saved 216 GBP on each patient after trying culture on prescription for 6 months. 82% had increased health improvement. Hospital nights cam down with 37%!

If you like to hear about Cultural Health in a TED talk click.

This site is filled with science within the field of Cultural Health.

Over 1500 studies have been done on why meditation and mindfulness has a positive impact on our health and wellbeing.

The benefits of Creative Mindfulness by Dr. Virpi Tervonen

Creativity and Emotional Wellbeing from Psychology Today.

How Creativity increases Wellbeing from the study on Creative Meditation.


"When creativity

increases wellbeing"

an exploratory study on the process of Creative Meditation

In November 2019 the study by Mathilde Gautier Ph.D. in Arts was

published after interviewing former students in Creative Meditation.

You can read the study here. These are some of the statements:

"I trust myself more."

"I feel more present."

"I am more open to discover new things."