Science says that creating Mandalas can be

especially good as it enhances the connections with your logical and creative center in your brain. The logical when your create the pattern, and the creative when

you color in.


This course is an introduction to create Mandalas. It's an ancient form of circle art that has been used for thousands of years in many native cultures, from East to West. We will look at the history, you will learn 3 different techniques on how to make Mandalas in color and black and white. You will also get a set of Mandalas to color, and ideas on how to make Mandalas as an activity with friends and family.


You don't any previous art knowledge to join this course. You can use any color or paper to join.

The course will come to your inbox and you will get a login to the course video. It will take you

2-4 hours to complete. But, you can work with the material for as long as you wan't, and

continue to develop your Mandalas.

Create to unwind, enjoy and reconnect to your intuition!


"Painting makes me happy, I would like to inspire you to try" Ingela Johansson

With over 15 years of experience as an art teacher, from 6 different countries.