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the creative adventure

I am happy that you landed on this page. 

I suggest starting with a green track like the creative SPA, forest painting, or vision collage.

These are short trails so you can explore your curiosity.

When you are getting warm, the 21-day foundation course in art meditation can be a great fit.

For this journey, you could pack the card deck for inspiration.

After that, you are well prepared for the more challenging trails. 

Create to Flow, Create to Heart or Create to Relax.

For each hike, I suggest that you wear clothes that are comfortable and can sustain some splashes of color. Bring along materials that are easy to carry and create with. Add to the experience with a great cup of coffee/tea and a playlist that sparks your curiosity.

Curious to know more about the benefits for your well-being, take a peek at our Q&A.

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Green Tracks

Short trails to unleash your

wild curiosity and tap

into your creativity.

Creative SPA,

Forest Painting

Vision Collage

Coffee & Chocolate painting

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Foundation Course

This course will give you 

the foundation of the method

 art meditation.

21 days of Art Meditation


Card deck

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Long hikes

We offer three longer hikes.

6-week online programs

to tune in to your intuitive GPS.

Create to FLOW

Create to RELAX

Create to HEART


Be a part of the Zenart community.

Start your first creative adventure today.