Ingela about 2.png
It all started with Shakira and Sharma and lead to me,

"No need to hurry 

no need to sparkle

no need to be anybody 

but ourself"

Virgina Wolf


It would be fair to say that 2 years ago I was depressed, although it took me a while to realize and accept. My artist career was taking off in South East Asia, and suddenly I had to go back to Sweden. It was hard to find a place and restart, but the thing that got me down was a family matter.

Anyway, I made a hard decision but it had to be done.


To pick myself up I started a routine of shaking to Shakira in the morning, it is almost impossible not to smile when you see yourself dancing in your bathrobe. I needed fun and play. I also started to listen to Robin Sharma as he talked about mindset and heart set and many other great teachers.

I started doing my creative meditation daily and through these habits, I started healing. It was not quick but a day by day process.

The most important thing that I have learned is to trust myself and to acknowledge that we all have that inner guidance if we start to connect, listen and trust. When you sit down with a friend and they describe what they feel and pose question about what to do you can often see in their body language, eyes and tone which one they want. 95% of the time we know, but of course it is nice to say things loud to get more opinons. It is also quite wonderful when you realize that you can trust that you have to start working on yourself first and that the changes you make come from within, but will also change how your life is unfolding. It is of course "terrible" as you can not blame anyone else for making the wrong decisions, but yes you guessed it just feels AWESOME. 


So today I have a practice that has sprung from a need I meet with my art students that they often wanted to things.

1. To be more bold and have more fun

2. To find their purpose and their own voice


It is exactly that I would like that the school of creative exploration is all about. I create tools and bring  in experts to provide more tools but every singe student has a mission to carve out the tools that work for them and do the practice to have more fun, be bold and find their purpose and voice.