• Ingela Johansson, Zenart

10 tips to stay well and focused

1. Take a pause from constant information

Take a break from the news, Maybe it is time to limit watching the news to once a day?

You might need to do the same with some social feeds.

Use the extra time to watch something funny laughter strengthens the immune

system and releases stress.

2. Meditate or draw a Mandala

To meditate is a very efficient way to release stress. You can try a guided meditation online

or just lay down and put on a song that you love. Focus on the song for as long as it is playing.

If you find it hard to meditate you can try to color a Mandala or do something else that has

a pattern of repetition and requires a lot of focus. Just stopping a few times a day for

some deep breaths.

3. Gratitude and emotions

Take 2-3 minutes every day and write down what you are grateful for. It will boost your

oxytocin and make you feel better. Be okay with that some days you might also need to release tears and anger. Music and painting are two tools to help you work through emotions

4. Learn something new

Use this time to dive into learning. It can be an online course, a great book or a webinar.

5. Fresh air

For those of you that can walk in nature, it is a wellness boost. It is a wonderful way to get oxygen and sort your thoughts.

6. Meet up online

Start to meet people online. It can be a cyber coffee with a friend, or a networking event.

7. Plan for things that you love

Cooking, painting, gardening, sketching, playing music, chess, video games or what you like.

8. Cleaning and sorting

We all have a cupboard or two that needs cleaning out. When we get it done we feel better.

9. Move

Put one music, and dance at home. Do a yoga routine in the living room.

10. Reach Out

Try to help out by lending a hand or giving hope to someone. This could be to your friend that lives alone but also to your family if you are all staying at home altogether.

These steps might seem small but they are backed up by science to be efficient tools in releasing stress and anxiety. Counting your mini-wins is also important right now.

In these times it is also more important than ever to give yourself "permission to be human" as Tal Ben Shahar says. He has a lot of great learning on YouTube.

If you would like to learn a tool to meditate, create and reflect daily. Our course in creative meditation will start on the 27th of March. If you can't wait you can get the book today as an E-book on our site

or on Amazon.

Take Care and stay creating

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