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10 ways to get a color boost

Color as music is one thing that we all can use even in lockdown to shift our mindset and with that boost our immune system. Today it has also been proven by science that color can shift our moods.

10 ways to get a color boost

You don't have to paint to get a color boost.

1. Pick something colorful to eat, or put a lemon slice in your water.

2. Put on a top you love with your favorite color.

3. Browse through some old magazines and pull out pictures with your favorite color.

4. Change your screensaver to your favorite colors.

5. If you can find fresh flowers, put them on the table.

6. If you have a green view from your window, indulge in while listening to your favorite music.

7. If you have posters in the cupboard with great colors, put them up.

8. Color coordinate your bookshelf if you look to destress with sorting.

9. Set the table with colorful napkins or plates.

10. Bring out your coloring book and crayons.

Please, note if surrounding yourself does shift your mood. For anyone feeling really low, I suggest warm yellow. Like sunflower yellow, it works the same way as a light antidepressant.

If you are curious to learn more about how color affects you, I would suggest the new book

Create to Flow available at Amazon or www.zenart.info.

I am happy that we can still boost our immune system with color.

A yellow dress, Shakira on high volume and fresh-pressed juice with ginger. Is my way to put some color into a lockdown day.

To feel calm I use green.

I wish you all a colorful day.

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