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Create Together, paint with children

Color and creativity are important tools in my life for wellness and self discovery. I have been teaching creative mindfulness and art meditation since 2016. One of my students did her online art meditation course together with her daughter. This is what her daughter wrote:

"I love colors. The joy it brings. A world without colors is not really fun. We do not know how to say thank you but just look at the sky and whisper all the things that are good in the world and I am sure that someone can hear you. I think if you do it will be good." Nelson

The vision behind everything I do is to inspire to creativity and connection to yourself and to your family. On my website you can now download Create Together a book filled with color and curiosity that you can do together with family, friends or on your own.

It is filled with exercises as creating your dream collage, and once you are done present them and talk about them round the table. The whole point with this book is to invite you on creative adventures that are suitable for all ages, that ends with a talk to inspire possibility.

Bring our your box of crayons and find an old role of wallpaper or brown paper and paint with color while listening to your favorite music. All the explorations in the book are created to bring out play and curiosity. It is from that state of mind that we can get a break from worry and start to create possibilities.

Another exploration is an exercise that I learned as a child, and it is amazing because it always comes with a creative surprise and a beautiful result If I had to pick one favorite exercise to get courage to start to create it is the Butterfly. It is easy to do and you can develop it in so many ways, by adding text, collage or...

So if you would like some creative ideas on what you can do together with your family you can download this book for free as a pdf. If you would like to have it as a paperback you can buy it from Amazon.

This is my gift to you as I truly believe that we need creativity and color in our life.

I would love if you can send me pictures of what you have created, and let me know if there are any pictures that I am allowed to post in this blog. Kindly send them to: ingela@zenart.info

Good luck on your creative adventure.


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