• Ingela Johansson, Zenart

Intuitive painting a tool for self discovery

Title: Soar, created 5th of April, 2020, in ink by Ingela Johansson

Welcome inside my art journal.

Since 2012 I started to explore how to develop a tool for self discovery. Last year a study was done explaining that previous students had discovered that the tool of creative meditation helped them in three main areas.

1. Feeling safer with themselves

2. An increased ability to focus and sort our what is important.

3. More creative and open to learn new things.

I recognize this from being on my own journey.

Creative Meditation is a practice with three efficient tools. Meditation, creativity and reflection in a flow.

The pictures included in this blog post is from my art journal and from the last week.

It is a bit like peaking into a diary, and for me it is very personal. It is in these creative pieces that I learn about my own patterns, what I need to heal and what I truly want. There is an alchemy between meditation and creativity, reflection is the tool that helps me understand it.

You can start to learn today. It is not about how pretty you can paint, but it is all about what your pictures are trying to tell you.

So how do you learn?

Sign up for the online course or get the new book Create to Flow today.

You will find them in the shop or on Amazon.

I wish you all a Happy Easter.


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