• Ingela Johansson, Zenart

Merry Christmas and thoughts on reflection

This year it took me a while to paint the Christmas Card that could sum up the feeling of 2020.

It became a picture of what I have come home to this year, the forest and just being.

I hope that you will have some time to relax during the holidays. Time to read for fun, walk in nature, cook great food (even if it is for one). Find new habits, like a dinner party via Zoom. Indulge in candlelight and soft textiles. Decorate with a childlike sense of adventure. Watch the classic movies, and enjoy chocolates.

No matter what you do and whom you are with I am sure that this year we will be in more digital conversations than ever, and all of us will find new ways to connect.

Make time for reflection, but it can be great to have a long break before you do. It took me a long time to learn that lesson. To understand that sometimes becoming more efficient means taking time to rest,

If you are looking for some great exercises and ideas on mindfulness, creativity, and reflection I suggest getting your hands on Create to Relax, which is now out as an ebook on Amazon.

A perfect gift for yourself or a creative friend.

You can find it here




Most of all I wish you all the best for 2021.

Take Care


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