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My Valentine gift to you

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

A sketch on creative selfcare
Creative selfcare from Zenrt.

My gift to you on Valentines is a simple exercise in self love, with creative meditation.

This is how it goes>

1. Pick your materials

I chose ink, watercolor paper, Kushmi tea, candle, a gorgeous brush.

Center yourself with a mindful exercise before starting!

1. Just sit and focus on your breath, don\t control it just feel it.

2. Think of one color

3. Breath in that color

4. Start to paint a background with your chosen color

5. Add words that resonate with your self love.

6. Take some time to reflect on the process and how you felt.

7. I also did one more heart but started with the words, see

pictures below.

Have a beautiful Valentin with your loved ones.

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Background painting for self-love exercise.

I also tried to turn it around and start with the words....

Start with words on how you feel about yourself. Creative Self-care

and add the colors afterwards

an exercise from Zenart in selfcare

an exercise in self-care from Zenart

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