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Open letter on international women's day,

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Celebrate your creativity. Don't let it take the backseat in your life. It is the fuel for any transformation that you would like to do. Please, don't put it in the drawer. Look for it everywhere, it is in anything. However simple or clever a well-designed product looks in the finished state, that is far from where the designer starts. In fashion school I learned about how to fuel your soul with inspiration by turning it inside out, infusing it with your colors and simplifying your design in many steps before you could present your work on the runway. Fashion wasn't my language but creativity is.

Over the years I have heard many students say such things as ”I am not creative” or ”creativity is not for me”. But I would argue that we could all benefit from cultivating creativity, for it can be the competitive edge that you need in today's world. It can also be the joy that brings color to every day, including and especially Mondays!

How you, in the end, will choose to be creative is naturally entirely up to you. In creative meditation feel free to use any way that works for you. Whether it is writing, poetry, collage, crafting or mind-maps or whatever else you can innovate, a creative approach to life can bring you a life filled with color and courage.

You will find exercises to move you towards creative courage in the book Create to Flow.

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