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The box of possibilities

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

I have created 52 cards to inspire your journey with creative meditations.

The card deck Create to Flow has four different categories : Create to Flow, Questions for Reflection, Color Moods, Wisdom Quotes

In this blog post I would like to describe one way to use it.

After a short meditation I pull one card. Today I had the card titled Alone. I spent some time reading the text and looking at the colors for a short while. I don\t plan what to do, instead I pick the first color that

comes to mind and start to paint with curiosity.

I paint and try to let go of any thoughts of what I should do, or if it is good enough. After that I take out

my red notebook and write down a short reflection.

The text on the card alone comes from a friend in Singapore, Cecile Hofer.

I was surprised of how much yellow I had in my painting, for me yellow stands for joy. mes in the mirror

can lead to great insights.

This is one way to use the cards as inspiration to your creative meditations. You can also use them in

discussions with groups and to prompt inspiration for creative writing. If you would like your own card deck you can find them in the shop.

Goo luck to open your box of possibilities!

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