Create to Flow Ebook

Create to Flow Ebook

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A book for anyone that wants more flow, creativity and out of the box thinking. 

Create to Flow is built on a six weeks journey into creative self-discovery.

You will discover a process designed to give you a set of tools to use to listen to and create from your daily thoughts and intuition. Beginning with mindfulness and meditation, to a series of painting adventures to help you release your creative energy and discover flow before showing you how to reflect on the painted stories. In this book we focus on exercises to get you into a state of FLOW.

Flow is when we operate at our peak performance level and feel great while doing it.


"Creative meditation became a tool for reflection, playfulness, and creativity for me. I have continued to use the method after the course and apart from stillness and reflections it has given me new perspectives and a lot of joy." Maria Lindblad, Sweden


All you need is  paper, colors and a brush to start.

You can do the practice when it suits you and you don't even need WIFI.

I promise you that it will be an interesting journey filled with color.

You will find exercises to nudge your