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Create to Flow is a six weeks course in creative meditation to reduce stress and anxiety so that you can be in flow more often,

You will learn a three-step practice that starts with simple meditation/mindfulness, moves to creativity and ends with reflection.

Each week will follow the book Create to Flow that you will have as an ebook when you buy the course.

The course starts on the 27th of March and is six weeks long.

It is for anyone interested in a journey of creative self-discovery, or for everyone that wants a tool to reduce stress and anxiety. You don't need any knowledge of meditation or drawing to take this course.


Each week you will start with reading the dedicated chapter, and the videos will guide you through the 2 main exercises for each chapter.

You can do the course when you have time, but I will put together Zoom groups depending on your location so that we can meet up once a week.


week one    Journey to Discover

                   vision collage



week two    Process to Happiness

                   design your practice

                   coffee and chocolate painting

                   audio guided  meditation


week three  Play to Flow

                    play exercise

                    move exercise


week four    Listen to Intuition

                   personal color alphabet

                   intuitive GPS


week five     Create to Innovate




week six      Build to Iconic 


                   your inner icon


What materials do you need:



Notebook for reflection

Any fluid colors watercolor, acrylic, ink or gouache

80% of the exercises can be done with crayons, color pens


Paper glue and 3 - 4 old magazines or newspaper

A great playlist and coffee or tea.


Who is your teacher:

Ingela Johansson is an international artist and has been teaching art in 8 countries. Her interest in meditation started when she was a teenager. Ingela is the founder of Zenart and the inventor of the practice of Creative meditation.


What did other students think:

"I feel that I can trust myself more." 

"It feeds my imagination and gives me new ideas."

From the study of creative meditation.

"Creative meditation does not make life easier, but it does make it easier to handle what happens." Karen F. Singapore


How much time do you need?

The practice was designed so that it can be a daily habit of creative self-care. It will take 20 - 30 min to do the exercise but you can, of course, increase the time.

If you can't do it daily focus on 2 - 3 times per week.

You can compare it to physical training.


Is this a course for artists or people that already meditate?

This is definitely a course for artists, as you will develop as an artist not from learning techniques in painting but from becoming familiar with the alchemy between art and meditation.


If you have a meditation practice it is great, just keep it as it is and add creativity and reflection.




Create to Flow online course

  • The E-book will be delivered instantly, you will get a password on email to join the course on the 27th of March - 30th of March. Depending on when you sign up.