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Create to Flow

The practice of creative meditation 


We live in a busy world filled with information, stress and choices.

Creative meditation as introduced in this book can help you find a way back to joy, focus and flow in a few simple steps. It is a process and a set of tools to listen, create and learn from reflection. The journey begins with learning simple practices for mindfulness and meditation, leading to a series of painting exercses for flow and to close with a reflection to listen to yourself.

Meditation, creativity and reflection are the 3 steps in the process that you wil explore. 

This book offers a 3 month journey of self exploration with creativity.

The themes in the bok ranges from Go to Green with exercises in nature to Color with Courage exploring the topic of creativity and fear.

How to overcome artistic blocks, go from busy to focused and ways to become more innovative. This is not a book to read, it is a book to explore. Each chapter stands on it's own, so you can go back and forward depending on what you are looking for.

The book has been written and illustrated by the founder of Creative Meditation and Zenart, Ingela Johansson.


The book has 300 pages and 3 months of exercises in meditation and creativity.


Creative meditation brings results from a study in which course participants reports significant decreases in stress and perfectionism while at the same time experiencing huge increases in focus, self-esteem, joy, creativity and courage to face their everyday challenges and let go of toxic patterns as they make new choices and chart their own paths in life. Now you can be one of them!

Ebook Create to Flow

  • The file is delivered as a pdf. The copyright belongs to Zenart and Ingela Johansson.