Expressive Sunflower

Expressive Sunflower


How to create an expressive flower painting with acrylic, on watercolor paper with a flat brush

creating a texture and shade with the brushstrokes.

In this class we will explore texture and how to create an emotion in a painting.

Your teacher is international artist and author of Create to Flow, Ingela Johansson.

"I wasn't aware of how much color could impact me. I can indeed become more joyful only thanks to the colors." research study of the wellness of Creative Meditation


Hello Creatives!

I am happy to share some of my techniques for creating a mood and emotions in a painting, and how we can build light/shade and composition in brushstrokes with a limited color palette.

I find exploring expressive painting to be both fun and relaxing. This class will be enjoyed by all skill levels.

Gather your painting materials, make a great coffee and come and create with me!



Acrylic or watercolor in tubes

Flat brush

Watercolor paper

Great music, coffee/tea will enhance the experience!