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Zenart course, 6 modules for creative mindfulness

Are you longing to get back to painting and drawing, or looking for a creative boost to unleash you inner artist?

This is a practice based on mindfulness, innovation and non-judgment.



"I am looking forward to meet myself in full color." Wendy Wong

"I am filled with energy after each session." Mary Jonsson

"It made me realize why I bought the hallway paintings, it was all about the color.

The course enhanced my color language and changed how I reflect." Annika


You will learn:

COLOR - The personality of color.

Explore how you associate and analyse color, at the end of the week you will have a personal color palette.

SENSES - How to paint with all your senses.

Draw with chocolate, paint the sound of rain and explore senses one by one. A theme to boost creative flow and inspiration.

RELAX - Paint to relax and have fun.

You will learn the dot from Bali, Enzo from Japan and other techniques to decrease anxiety and stress.

VISION - Creating a vision collage.

Explore what your really want in a step by step creative adventure.

SYMBOL - Design your own personal symbol.

Start with becoming aware of the symbols in your everyday life.

SKETCH -Tell a story in lines.

Learn line techniques like Zentangle for stress manegment.


This course gives you a toolkit for creative mindfulness.

All exercises are aimed to have fun, relax and reflect. Extra benefits are increased focus and new ideas.

The exercises are inspired by what I learned from working and exploring in China, Bali, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore. Iran and Sweden. Like sharing from the soul from Bali, hand, eye and heart from China and how to read colors from the aboriginals.

Each section will make you reflect on your creative adventure.


For who:

You can be a complete beginner or an artist to take this class, as it is not a class in painting technique instead creative tools for expression, fun and relaxation.


For 6 weeks you will get a new module every week. With each module, you will get a pdf with an introduction, assignments with examples and a video.
Each week you have the opportunity to get personal feedback on email and share through our private FB group. 
The modules are designed to take about 2 - 3 hours per week.

The course is self-paced, so you can choose when to complete each module.

When you buy the course you will have the log into the course for 12 months. The pdf and worksheets are yours to keep.


Materials: 30 acrylic paper, tubes of red, white, yellow, black and blue acrylics, a black waterproof ink pen, 2 brushes, a glue for paper and 5 pcs of old magazines.


"Painting makes me happy, I would like to inspire you to try" Ingela Johansson

With over 15 years of experience of teaching art, in 6 different countries.

Creative mindfulness

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