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Creative spa

Welcome to a SPA experience with colour, scents, music, textures and a visual experience.

It can have a great effect on your skin, as it reduces anxiety.

The end result we are looking for is the feeling of being open to a full sensory experience.



When we open up to all Senses we get into a calm and focused state of mind. Often you open up

to childhood memories and emotions. You can create in a new way using not only your eyes but all your

other senses, which can lead to a completely new creative experience and to enhanced relaxation. 

A great way to unwind and restart, just as going to a regular SPA.

Art creation is combined with aroma oil, music, taste and tactile exercises to create a multisensory experience.

Category: Calm, core and flow


Course Curriculum

Your five senses

1. Creating to sound

2. Painting to taste

3. Drawing with a scent

4. Paint with touch

5. The artist's eye

6 Combine all Senses


Each part has a reflection.

Every exercise takes 25 - 45 minutes, you can develop and repeat as many times as you like. Don't skip the reflection, it holds so many keys. A suggestion would be to a creative SPA weekend,

but it is all up to you when you have the time and the need.


A creative toolmaker is only an email away to give you feedback and answer any questions.


What do you need?

Skill level from complete beginner to artist. You paint your story!

A sponge (kitchen one works)

Tissues or kitchen paper

Paper for acrylic or watercolour in the size you like, for this bigger, is better A3 works

A set of acrylic, ink or watercolour make sure you have blue, yellow, red, black


Optional Aroma oil or aroma candle 


Coffee or tea


This course OPENS ON THE 1ST of September. Total of 25 students,

sign up now to have your spot.


This course is delivered straight to your mailbox, you can paint anywhere in the world.

The class will have a forum for interaction, for those that love sharing. Totaly optional.


This course costs less than most great shoes

65 Euro


"Senses was an experience that went straight to the heart, especially the scent reminded me of my childhood"

M Berglind











Multi sensory
Multi sensory

Multi sensory