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Circle art to echo your soul

March 26, 2017

The word Mandala comes from Sanskrit and means circle. A Mandala can be viewed as a visual interpretation, but also as an internal picture  In essence a Mandala represents the connection between our inner world and our outer reality.


Mandalas has been found in our most ancient rock carvings. The attempt to orient oneself in the world probably gave rise to the early mandalas that consist of a cross inside a circle. We can imagine how this might have come about. As our ancestors took to the high ground for a clear view, they saw that the horizon line appears to be a circle with themselves at the center.

It has been used in many ancient cultures from East to West. The psychologist Jung introduced Mandalas in his therapy and in his work the center of a Mandala was the representation if "Self".


A Mandala is always a circle design, often very complex. It can consist of abstract and organic shapes and forms. They can also have realistic images that are important to the artist.


Generally a Mandala is drawn from the center and outwards.


When you create your own Mandala, think of it as an echo from your soul.


Drawing and coloring a mandala can be an enriching personal experience in which you look inside yourself and find the shapes, colors and patterns to represent anything from your current state of mind to your most deeply-desired wish or dream.

A mandala can symbolize a state of mind that you would like to achieve. Mandalas are great tools for meditation and increasing self-awareness. 


In my new course I called an introduction to Mandalas you will learn how to:

1. Learn how to get prepare before you make a Mandala, and the process

2. Learn 3 different techniques and methods on how to create a Mandala

3. Get introduced to a brief history

4. An introduction to the personality of color

5. An introduction to how to interpret your Mandala

6. A guide to art materials to use to create your Mandala


The course is aimed at beginners, and does only require paper, pencil, ruler, a black ink pen and any colors.


Introduction price until the 31th of March 20% off.




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