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Dive into your blue, free exercise

December 1, 2018

A creative mindfulness exercise and getting into blue mood.

"Blue has no dimensions it is beyond dimensions" Yves Klein

I have always loved Klein blue but when I watched a documentary about the meaning of blue for Yves it gave his artworks and blue a new dimension. 

The photo is from one of my blue paintings. Yves Blue is to me a warm almost spicy blue. Blue is one of those colors that has a range of emotions to it depending on if it is light blue as the sky or hot as a Klein blue, or strictly marine. We all relate to these tones in different ways. I have been teaching art for many years and so far I have only meet one student that was not a fan of blue. In the exercise below dive into what blue means for you,



It recharges your battery

Sharpen your artistic eye

Inspires your artistic soul



For the photographer or creative: Use a camera (the phone works well), a notebook and a pen is handy when ideas spark

For the artist: bring along a sketchbook and a small watercolor palette, a pen to scribble with when ideas spark

For the writer: a pen and a notebook or any device you prefer writing on, optional is to take photos with your phone to illustrate your points 

No matter which one you will pick your will train appreciating imperfection and noticing beauty. 



Look at the documentary about Yves

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twteYAavt_8Yves Klein

Think about YOUR blue. Chose the blue that has a meaning for you. A blue that you can relate to and maybe it will be the blue from your childhood landscape.


Stay centered with a picture of one of his works. Notice scent or emotions. Look at texture, color, shape, story and let yourself feel the whole experience.


For the photographer or creative:  take photos of blues in all shades and find your shade.

For the artist: paint all shades of blues, search for your shade

For the writer:  flow write the story about blue and how it connects to you



How do you describe feeling BLUE?

What does blue mean to you?

How did it make you feel afterward?


By the way you have done it! You have been mindful and inspired your artistic soul. 



We are always interested to know how it goes. Let us know on FB, Instagram or Pinterest or send us an email at Swedishartanddesign@gmail.com

Ps. If you like to learn more about sketching and colors sign up for the course Creative Mindfulness 35% until the 4th of Dec. 



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