Sketching module
A way to catch ideas on the go

To me the sketch or the drawing is the foundation of ideas. Think about it for a moment. Almost everything we use in our daily life arrived from a sketch the coffee cup, the car and so on. Today maybe in an Ipad,

Sketching is not about creating a perfect reproduction of something that you have seen, or creating art. It’s about storytelling with lines.
We will warm up with a simple exercises from games from the surrealists to drawing with the right side of your brain, zensketching or meditative sketching to arrive at the storytelling at the end.

You will work with different kind of lines, In this module you will use pencils, your black in pen and coffee.


Goal: To have tried sketching as a form of storytelling and meditation.

Line and texture
Composition of a sketch
Personality of a sketch

Warm up exercises

Zensketching or meditative sketching
Storytelling with lines