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Client testimonials

“I have enjoyed and I am still enjoying putting my long forgotten childhood pleasure of scribbling and colouring.

I think that the content of the class has been just right.
Enough and not too much information but just a taste of what can be done with minimal and already available tools.”
Else  Strom Vistisen, Denmark, entrepreneur,

participated in an online class


“To me I am very happy with the whole experience and could not ask for better guidance and help, I feel the way you structure
things is very organized and helps with my work! So far so good!
As always, thank you for your guidance.”
Linn Wahlberg, Sweden, Student

"Art meditation has meant a lot to me. It has opened me up. I am beginning to get to know myself for who I really am deep down, and what is important to me. It gives me inner peace, a strength and a joy I don't want to be without. It starts to become a part in my everyday life and I long for the moment I get for myself and to listen.

Art meditation is my guiding star to my real self. But I would never have been able to do it without your help. Your reflections have helped me dare to open my eyes and see what I really know deep down but have not dared to see or feel. I slowly begin to get to know myself.


I do not regret a second that I dared to start on your course, the only thing I regret is that I did not start earlier

Those who do not take the chance do not know what they are missing

I recommend everyone to try art meditation."

Frida Magnusson, Gothenburg, Sweden
"Konst meditation har betytt väldigt mycket för mig. Den har öppnat mitt inre och jag börjar lära känna mig själv för den jag innerst inne är, och det som är  viktiga för mig. Den ger mig inre lugn, en styrka och en glädje jag inte vill vara utan. Det börjar bli en del i min vardag och jag längtar till stunden jag får för mig själv och vad mitt inre har att säga. 

Konst meditationen är min ledstjärna till mitt verkliga jag. Men jag hade aldrig kunnat göra det utan din hjälp. Dina reflektioner har hjälpt mig att våga öppna ögonen och se det jag egentligen innerst inne vet men inte vågat se eller känna. Jag börjar sakta lära känna mig själv. 


Jag ångrar inte en sekund att jag vågade hoppa på din kurs, det enda jag ångrar är att jag inte började tidigare  

De som inte tar chansen vet inte vad de missar 

Jag rekommenderar alla att prova konstmeditation."

Frida Magnusson, Sverige 

“I enjoyed my zen art journey as it gives me a space and quiet moment to be in touch with me...

Thank you for your inspiration and love to watch your video as your voice is soothing too. :)”
Wendy Wong

Takeaways from art workshop in Zhuhai 20190331 form the group:

"enjoy, imagine, brave
HAPPY, well
Relax, enjoy life
New knowledge, new type of art, know more about myself

Corporate workshop, Zhuhai, China