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School of creative exploration

Welcome onboard

We have poured passion, creativity, and research into each course. Combining creative exercises from different parts of the world with the latest science in cultural health. 


Cheaper than a decent pair of shoes

We decided to put a great price on our courses so that creatives can afford our tools.


The experience and science behind our courses

Before you head to the course outline we would like to dive a little deeper into WHY you should try a Zenart course. Our founder would be the first to admit that she is lucky, she got to learn to interpret aboriginal art in Australia, share the stories of the heart in Bali and understand the core of ink in China, learn how to draw fashion design in London and many more adventures. She has also studied Reiki, Silva and been interested in meditation and the connection to creativity.

Since 2016 she started the habit studying for 30 min every morning, a lot around cultural health and how creativity can help us deal with the fast changes,

information overload, stress and how to express our voice.


Our foundation

Every course created has its foundation in this journey. Let us dive into some of the benefits.

At Drexel University studies have been done to show that 30 min of creative practice (it doesn't matter if you are an artist or beginner) will reduce your stress level with 30%. Over 1500 studies shows how meditation lowers are anxiety and stress levels. Furthermore we today have studies on the benefits of reflection to change habits.

In our courses we have created a process from these 3 tools, creativity, meditation and reflection.

Having fun is serious blocking it out

in your calendar sets you up

for burnout