Which course is right for you:

Courage to start to paint again, or curious to try painting,

Try one of our mindful painting classes.

You will also find great courses to do together with children or friends.

Looking for a journey in creative self-discovery to boost creativity and wellness.

Get the book Create to Flow, or try the 6-week online course.

The 21-days of Art Meditation is a great start for creative emotional wellness.

A habit to relax and get inspired to be creative.

Try the course Creative Mindfulness, with 6 themes color, symbol, story, sketch, vision, and relaxation.

Inspiration for art journaling, painting or creative writing,

Have a look at our Card Deck Create to Flow.

Get out of an artistic block.

Try one of the butterfly course in the mindful painting classes.

Read the book Create to Flow.

Learning new techniques to create textures.

Try the texture course in the mindful painting series.

Or send us an email we are more than happy to guide you to the right course! swedishartanddesign@gmail.com

"It gave me my passion back for creating." Ann Muller

Vision collage