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the joy of creating together

Discover the joy of creation

In Karlstad and Värmland I have Zenart courses and workshops. 

Everyone starts from creating without demands with curiosity, and listening to your intuition.

I took my first course when I was 18. Today I have had workshops, exhibitions and courses in eight countries. For 6 years I was active in Southeast Asia and learned techniques to relax, look at symbols, color, senses and materials.
I have been developing the Zenart process since 2014.

If you are curious about the connection between creativity and health, there is more information below method.

I collaborate with partners for corporate events and training weekends.

Download the current course programme.



To relax through a focused walk or meditation opens the door to creativity and intuition.



When you create from a relaxed state of mind you can more easily tap into Flow.



Taking the time to look at the colors, symbols, and energy in your creations allows you to connect to yourself.

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