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Kursval karta Zenart

The creative adventure.

I'm glad you landed on this page, it means you're curious to explore your creativity.



The book Create to Flow can be an excellent starting point.

If you are curious about exploring your creativity, I suggest a shorter workshop, such as forest painting, or feel good with color, they are physically available in Karlstad. Workshops are also available online as creative SPA, forest painting or vision collage. Right now these courses are available in English.

When you get warm in your clothes, the course in creative meditation can be a good fit.

For this trip, you can pack the deck for inspiration.

Add to the experience with a great cup of coffee/tea and a playlist that piques your curiosity. Curious to know more about the benefits for your well-being, take a look at our Q&A. .

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Shorter workshop/event

Shorter courses, workshops

and events to explore

your creativity.


Forest painting


Coffee&Chocolate painting

penslar och material kreativ meditation.png

Books and deck of cards

Here you will find books

and decks for creatives

exercises, techniques and inspiration.

Create to Flow

Creative inspiration


Reklektion efter kreativ meditation

Longer courses

Creative Meditation/healthcare

Creative Meditation

The art clubfor

creative adventures


Become part of the Zenart community.

Start your first creative adventure today.

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