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Can creative meditation increase health and well-being?

Exploratory study "When creativity increases well-being"

an exploratory study on the process of Creative Meditation

In the exploratory study conducted by Dr. Mathilde Gautier, 2019 participants discovered the benefits of combining meditation and creativity to improve well-being. The study aimed to investigate how the process of meditating-creating-reflecting can increase creativity and promote well-being.


The study found that participants were surprised by the effectiveness of this process, which helped them separate the three stages of meditating, creating and reflecting.

They learned to appreciate the value of being creative without having to create something meaningful or effective.


Participants discovered new techniques and working as a group increased their creativity, inspiration and motivation. They enjoyed sharing, exchanging and socializing with others, which allowed them to see different perspectives and helped them become more open to new ideas.


The group work was also structuring and reassuring as it provided a defined framework for thinking outside the box. Additionally, participants observed several positive changes in their lives as a result of this process, including the ability to let go, clearer thinking, and reduced stress levels. They discovered new colors and how they could affect their well-being and became more open to new experiences. The exercise helped them understand themselves better, and they gained more confidence and self-esteem, which allowed them to take more risks in their lives.


In summary, Dr. Gautier's study that the meditate-create-reflect process can increase creativity and promote well-being. The practice helps individuals become more open, less stressed and more confident, allowing them to dare to explore new experiences and techniques. The study highlights the value of combining meditation and creativity, which can have a positive impact on personal growth and development. However, it is only an exploratory preliminary study.

Here you can read the entire study in English.


In November 2019 the study by Mathilde Gautier Ph.D. in Arts was


published after interviewing former students in Creative Meditation.

You can read the study here. These are some of the statements:

"I trust myself more."

"I feel more present."

"I'm more open to daring to try new things.."

Ingela Johansson som utvecklat Kreativ Meditation tillsammans med Dr Mathdilde Gautier som gjort en förstudie kring om Kreativ meditation kan öka hälsa och välmående

How creativity and culture increase emotional well-being.

​​That we feel better when we listen to music, paint or go to the theater is nothing new, especially not for people who work in this field throughout history. The new thing is that researchers can now measure how significant this can be for our well-being.

Since 2000, several large studies have been conducted that have begun to measure the impact of culture on health.

A study at Drexel University tested three groups of students before the exam. One group tried colouring, one made mandalas and one did free painting, all for 30 min. They were able to conclude that the stress hormone had decreased by 30% after 30 minutes of creation.

Report from the UK click UK for a pdf with the full report.

In short, they saved 216 GBP on each patient after trying culture on prescription for six months. 82% had increased health improvement. Hospital nights came down by 37%!

If you like to hear about Cultural Health in a TED talk, click.

Creativity and Emotional Wellbeing from Psychology Today.

Over 1500 studies have been done on why meditation and mindfulness positively impact our health and well-being. On this link, you will find a collection of Cultural Health.

The benefits of Creative Mindfulness by Dr. Virpi Tervonen​

The Benefits of Creative Mindfulness byDr. Virpi Tervonen​

About Creative Meditation fromWisdom from the North

About Creative Meditation fromWisdom from the North

Podcast about Art Meditationfrom Depicting US

Zenart's method of creative meditation

Walk transparent.png


Relaxing through a focused walk or meditation opens the door to creativity and intuition.

Painting transparent.png


When you create from meditation, you get more focus and   can more easily get into a state of Flow.

Reflection transparent.png


The reflection makes us aware of and creates a deeper understanding of our own patterns and habits.

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