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Kreativ meditation är en metod för att koppla av och börja lyssna på sin intuition.

Our offer for wellness

Kreativ Meditation

Kreativ Meditation

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More focus - less stress

Welcome to our website about creative meditation! Here you can learn all about how you can use creative meditation to improve your health and well-being. Creative meditation is a technique that helps you relax, increase your creativity and improve your focus and concentration.

On our website you will find information about various techniques and methods of creative meditation, as well as tips and advice on how you can use them to manage stress, increase your creativity and improve your mental health. We believe that creative meditation can be helpful for everyone, whether you are a beginner or already experienced in meditation.

We are here to help you discover the benefits of creative meditation and to integrate it into your daily life. Learn how you can use creative meditation to increase your productivity, reduce your stress level and find inspiration in your everyday life. Together we can explore the power of creative meditation and take control of our lives and our health.

You will also find our Zenart courses such as Forest bathing with painting, the Art Club for those who want to become more creative and events for companies and groups.

Kreativ meditation målning i turkost och vitt

"Creative meditation has led me to new discoveries about myself. Every time I open the book to do an exercise, I wonder what I  will discover next."

— Kym Nelson, Belgium

yoga teacher

Målning efter meditation med textur från workshop i kreativ meditation av Zenart

“I'm looking forward to the next task in creative meditation because it gives me space and a quiet moment to connect with me…


Thanks for your inspiration and love watching your video as your voice is soothing too. :)”

— Wendy Wong, Singapore,

projectkt leader

Preliminary study of health linked to Creative Meditation

"When creativity increases
health and well-being."

The first pilot study "When creativity increases well-being: the case of the creative meditation and participants in Zenart courses" was done by Mathilde Gautier Ph.D., an independent researcher in art.

Ingela Johansson grundare av Zenart

Ingela Johansson is a Swedish international artist and teacher who has worked with creativity in eight countries. Ingela is the founder of Zenart and inventor of the creative meditation process.

About me
I have worked with creativity all my life as a teacher, designer and artist in Sweden and Southeast Asia. The interest in meditation started in my teens but it wasn't until 2014 that it became a daily routine when I discovered how much easier it became to manage being creative
under time pressure. In 2016, courses started in what is today Zenart. In 2019 I came out with the book "Create to Flow", which in 2020 received an award at The Golden Door Awards.
I am also active as an artist, and you can find the art at
To have fun, and discover what cow
the combination of creativity and meditation can do for our health is the focus of the courses.

"Ingela thinks it's extremely fun to paint and the joy shines through in her courses" Susanne Wallin

If you are curious about Ingela's art, you will find ithere.

Create to Flow

"The method in the book Create to Flow has helped me connect with my intuition, creativity and inner self.

Theresa Vidjeskog Ahlman

Unlock the power of your creativity with 'Create to Flow', the groundbreaking book that introduces a transformative method of creative meditation. This comprehensive guide is the perfect tool for anyone looking to unleash their inner artist and tap into their full potential. With a six-week course covering everything from the basics of meditation to techniques for overcoming creative blocks, Create to Flow is a must-have for anyone looking to become more creative and find greater joy in their daily lives. With clear instructions, practical exercises, and inspiring insights, this book will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and artistic fulfillment. Order your copy today and start living a more creative, inspired life!"

Won an award in the Golden Door Awards 2021.

The book is in English.

Bokomslag Create to Flow av Ingela Johansson
Maleri workshop med skogsbad med Zenart Karlstad

For you

If you are interested in increasing  your health and well-being, try painting without demands. It can be a fun and fulfilling experience that can also have many positive health benefits. In combination with meditation, it becomes a powerful tool for well-being and creativity.

Courses inKarlstador

Creative Meditation online as wellness.

konstkurs Karlstad Zenart

For companies

Is your company or group interested in increasing your creativity and sustainable productivity through FLOW?

We have several ready-made concepts such as creative mindfulness and wellness.

forest bath with painting and creating

with coffee and chocolate.

Contact for a proposal.

workshop tema Hilma af Klint med Zenart i Karlstad.jpg

Online courses,

Here you will find a summary of our online courses for Creative Meditation as wellness, as well as our otherssupply.

Several of our courses are available in both Swedish and English.

Creative cards

"I also use the cards almost daily and find so much creativity and flow thanks to them." Marie Barthelson

Our card deck with creative inspiration is a tool for anyone who wants to experience more joy, creativity and balance in life.

The deck is a great tool to open up your creative side and discover new ways to express yourself. By using the deck regularly, you can learn to listen to your intuition and explore your creativity in a deeper way.

So if you want to experience more joy, creativity and balance in life, order our deck of creative meditation and daily inspiration today and start your journey towards a more fulfilled and harmonious existence!

The texts are in English.

The deck is an excellent tool for the Creative Meditation course.


Created by Zenart, Ingela Johansson

The deck is locally produced in Karlstad, Sweden.

Card deck Box of possibilities av Ingela Johansson Zenart.png


Courses and
in Karlstad

Workshop skapa utan krav med Zenart i Karlstad

Articles about creativity and health

Koppla av med kreativ meditation.png


Relaxing through a focused walk or meditation opens the door to creativity and intuition.

Att skapa utan krav med nyfikenhet och intution Zenart


When you create from meditation, you get more focus and   can more easily get into a state of Flow.

Reflection transparent.png


The reflection makes us aware of and creates a deeper understanding of our own patterns and habits.


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