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A book for anyone who wants more flow, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.


Create to Flow is built on a six-week journey to creative self-discovery. You will discover a process designed to give you a set of tools to listen to and create from your daily thoughts and intuition. This book focuses on exercises to get you into a state of FLOW.

The book is in English.


"Creative meditation became a tool for reflection, playfulness and creativity for me. I have continued to use the method after the course and in addition to silence and reflections, it has given me new perspectives and a lot of joy." Maria Lindblad, Sweden


The book was awarded at the Golden Door Awards 2021.


Ingela Johansson is a Swedish international artist and teacher who has worked with creativity in eight countries. Ingela is the founder of Zenart and the inventor of the creative meditation process.

Create to Flow Book

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