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Can you meditate in Prada?

Earlier this summer I had the question: Can you meditate in Prada? Of course you can meditate basically in anything or anywhere. I had a student in creative meditation that had been meditating in the hospital cafeteria during 20 minutes of her lunch break every day at work for 20 plus years.

an illustration of a woman meditating in Prada
Meditate in Prada

This was her moment to get balance and energy for work as an emergency nurse. She meditated in a place filled with people and sound. We can all find our own way to meditate if it with creativity or a guided video the important thing is getting started. The picture is of Pradas rainbow sweater, and of course it is not what you wear it is like with exercise more important to do it. However if you are anything like me it can be so easy to fill your life with other things, I can honestly now say that if I don't meditate for a couple of weeks I notice a big shift in how I think and how well I can create or produce great work. Just like with exercise meditation or mindfulness is about finding a habit and a style that suits you. For me it improved my wellbeing even if I did a short meditation in 5 min in the morning.

For me one of the best advices I had to start meditating was to start with putting on one song and stay present in that song. To sit down and color, or do a Mandala is also an active form of meditation that reduces stress.

Now I would love to hear from you on what you find is difficult with a habit of meditation so that I can support you.

Thank you for being part of the Zenart community.

All the best Ingela Johansson

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