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A method to manage stress and increase your well-being.


By combining meditation, with creativity and reflection, it provides a unique opportunity to express emotions, increase focus and problem-solving ability.


The meditation exercises help you focus on the present and relax.


Creativity with mindfulness does not require artistic ability but gives you tools to be present and have fun.


Reflection is the third step, it helps you see your own patterns and learn from your process.


Structure and time

The online course is structured on two occasions a week for three months.

The exercises are self-paced.

The course includes 24 sessions with exercises, videos and audio files

Each exercise takes about 20 - 30 minutes to complete.



You will need a notebook and four pens to participate.

You don't need any skills in drawing or painting to join.



The goal of the course is for you to get tools and a habit for self-discovery and well-being in everyday life, so that you can grow inner trust through intuitive curiosity.


Course leader: Ingela Johansson,

Ingela has been teaching creativity for over 30 years in eight different countries.


"I feel safer with myself." Anette Karlsson


"Fantastically fun and rewarding course! Creative meditation became for me a tool for reflection, playfulness and creativity. Ingela is incredibly good at eliciting joy and how to use more of your intuition. After the course, I have continued to use the method and apart from silence and reflection, it has given new insights, perspectives and a lot of joy. Thank you Ingela!" Maria Lindblad


You will get a log in to become a member of the site and access the course after your purchase.

Creative Meditation online course

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