building blocks for the Zenart practice

I hosted my first drawing course when I was 18 years old, and since then, I have been lucky enough to teach the joy of art in Sweden, Australia, Bali, China, Singapore, Malaysia, England, and Norway.

I have learned a lot from my students from many parts of the world. There is nothing scientific about this, but I believe that how we use color, shapes, and composition is very much related to the landscape we were born in. Like a winter day when you wake up, and everything is white and blue in Scandinavia, in contrast to waking up to go to the flower market in India with every single color that you can imagine.

How we use our brush, how we share the process after painting, the complexity, style, and how we look at the negative space differs in each place.

But how we look at the pure joy of creativity and color is universal. 

Being blocked by perfectionism or feeling guilty for taking the time to be creative seems everywhere, even though we are stressed out and overwhelmed.

However, priority shifts when students feel the joy in the flow of creativity and start to understand how this practice can bring clarity and joy. In these moments, you also start to see students come to conclusions about thoughts or feelings that have been holding them back for years.

Those moments are the very essence of what this practice is about.

I love that each student has come to this understanding from their own practice, which means that once you learn the tools, you can use them whenever you need them.

It is creative self-empowerment at play in those sessions.

To have experienced this is a great abundance in my life, and it has been the foundation for turning

the Zenart process into what it is today.

Naturally, this has also inspired me as an artist, and above, you see a photo from the Shanghai Daily.

Walk transparent.png


To relax through a focused walk or meditation opens the door to creativity and intuition.

Painting transparent.png


When you create from a relaxed state of mind you can easier tap into Flow.

Reflection transparent.png


Taking the time to look at the colors, symbols, and energy in your creations allows you to connect to yourself.