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Creative Meditation


CREATIVE MEDITATION, A method for managing stress and increasing your well-being. By combining meditation with creativity and reflection, it provides a unique opportunity to express emotions, increase concentration, and problem-solving abilities. Meditation exercises help you focus on the present moment and relax. The creative exercises do not require artistic skills but provide you with tools to be present and have fun. The online course is structured into two sessions per week for three months. The course includes 24 sessions with exercises, audio files, and videos. Each session takes 20 - 30 minutes, which you can do at your convenience. Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to try various types of meditation/mindfulness to find what suits you. You will need a notebook and four pens to participate. The goal of the course is to provide you with tools and a habit for health and well-being in everyday life. Course Leader: Ingela Johansson, "Creative meditation has led me to finding new discoveries about myself through drawing meditations. Every time I reach for my drawing materials, I wonder... what will I discover next?" Kym Neson, Belgium To purchase the course here, you need to be logged into the platform.


999,00 kr


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