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10 ways to experience a color walk.

Right now I am literally bathing in the colors of autumn. Colors and nature can have a profound impact on our wellbeing. If you have the chance I would suggest taking a color bath this upcoming weekend.

To get the full effect don't put in earphones. Try instead to notice with all your senses. If it is not too cold sit down for a while and just be. We often run so quickly that we tend to forget how much these small things is about wellbeing. If you are in the city head for the parc, and if you can go to the forest.

Things to do on the walk:

  1. Notice scents.

  2. Notice sounds.

  3. Notice colors.

  4. Discover things you have not seen before.

  5. Touch and notice textures.

  6. Breath

  7. Take your time to stop for magic.

  8. Notice the sky.

  9. Have some tea or coffee if possible.

  10. Just be

Take a few minutes to notice and if you want to write about it or make a quick sketch. If you want to learn more about how art, nature, meditation, and reflection can be a great way to feel good try one of our courses or get the book Create to Flow. For me taking a walk in color is an essential part of wellness and it is a space for new energy and ideas.


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