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"Enough is enough." How meditation improves decision making

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Our brains are wonderful but sometimes they seem to love repetition and we get stuck in our own thought patterns When we try to break free, our whole system sends signals to persuade us to go back to what feels familiar. It feels safe, not to change. This is not only on an emotional level, but it is also a physical reaction.

But, one day something happens to us that gives us a taste of change and we start to reflect on how it could be. We awaken our curiosity and imagine a life without listening to the old thoughts that are holding us back, and when we are ready we change.

Change doesn't need to be radical it can be one million small steps, and it can take years or a lifetime.

But, when we feel that we grow, lean and evolve we tend to free ourselves from thinking the same thoughts that we thought yesterday and the day before that.

It is hard to explain how that feeling feels like, in many ways you can say that it is like feeling as happy as when you discovered something you love as a child.

This weekend we had a Zenart course. I usually start with going through expectations from the participants on what they want to learn. One said that she wanted to stop "älta" that is a Swedish term for being unable to stop thinking and talking about something negative that happened to you. It is impossible to make our monkey brain stop thinking, but it is possible to redirect it with new thoughts.

A combination of nature, creativity and mindfulness can be an inspiration to start this journey of redirecting your thoughts to find new perspectives and new solutions to old problems.

It does in no way mean that you should not think about reality or problems that you need to deal with.

But, it does mean taking a break with mindfulness and meditation for a 20 - 30 minutes to be able to dela with life from focus and clarity instead of stress.

This is the journey a few students started this weekend. It is not something you learn in 3 days, but you can learn what you need and how to get started.

Today I had a message that read "enough is enough" it was from one of the participants that had decided to continue her shift in her own though patterns, and she felt about herself.

Colors, nature, mindfulness, creativity, words and taking the time to listen to yourself are the tools to help you. What I have done with the Zenart course is to put these powerful tools into a process that flows. A process that you can design so that it suits your lifestyle.

If you are curious to work with your change I suggest trying the online course in art meditation.

"Enough is enough." Words can be the start of something new, within us. The pictures we paint can make us aware of what we want, and how we thrive. Maybe what we are lacking is a way to express our creativity, or a hobby so that you can sit down and think of nothing else than color, shape and form.

When we manege to let go of our usual mind loop we seem to get the answers.

Change is one of these things in life we can't change it just is, and still we resist and fear it in so many ways. There is a power in taking charge of your own change, and you direct the speed and the outcome.

Your trust in yourself will grow with the process.


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