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3 things I learned about life and art making this week,

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

This week I have been using three ink colors and black ink. I learned this as I started my journey with creative meditation, but lately I have been playing with other materials using collage. Coming back to using a limited palette of three colors felt like coming home.

I chose three colors that I hadn't combined before, It felt new and yet I felt at home with limited choices.

I started to reflect on if this feeling of how limited choices can apply to other areas of our lives?

This was on my mind throughout the weekend.

On Sunday afternoon I made a new outline for the courses for one year. I simplified without using my computer. I challenged myself to pick my three best ideas, in each area.

After that I felt lighter walking home, I felt as if this was a plan that was actionable.

So, just to summarize it comes down to three things in the art as well it is balance between contrast and symmetry. The second is the shift in color and value. The third is about how we won't the eye to move in the artwork. However, the thing is that when we are relaxed and paint we often do this and more without even thinking about it. It is when we can let go of our thinking enough to allow curiosity to take over that we learn and evolve.

If I sum up this weeks learnings from creative meditation it would be:

1.Three is a good number to be creative within.

2. Limitation can broaden your curiosity.

3.These principles can apply to more than art.

I would love to hear from you if you find that limiting choices and structure can help you

become more creative?

Have a wonderful week ahead.


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