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A meaningful innovative gathering

This year we have all gathered our inspiration and drive despite a number of obstacles in our way.

To celebrate this and learn from it, I have collaborated with a number of artists and magnificent speakers to bring you Harvest Moon.

My most recent project has allowed me to bring together old friends and new, working on an experience that defines our history and present – Harvest Moon.

After a long period of struggle, many of us have had to learn what the farming tradition of working in the light of the harvest moon exemplifies: resilience and hope in times of uncertainty.

Through this event, we hope to bring you closer to art, music and dance that celebrate and illustrate both the harvest moon and our human drive. A number of thought-provoking speakers will also discuss their ideas of success, ambition, and creativity.

·Some of the inspiring teams and people you will be hearing form include: The Embassy of Sweden in Singapore, Natalie Turner TED Talks speaker and author of "Yes you can innovate", Daniel Ord specialist in customer service at OmniTouch International, Kjerstin Kleyne Brateen Senior Vice President Deck Machinery at Kongsberg Maritime, Betty Ashman at The Expat Fairs and Winston Liew curator and producer, Susanne Renck Kullgren dance, Lia Olsen Kinell song, Casper Persson song and guitar.

I invite you all to have a look at what we’ve created here:

And join us on the 24th of April at 5pm SGT/10am BST via the live link at

A warm welcome to join us in the experience.

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