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Book release Create to Flow

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

A feeling of gratitude and joy at the bookfair in Karlstad. Finally I can hold the book in my hand and read it on a screen. It is done. Most people that pick it up says that it is heavy and solid. It contains 12 weeks of

exercises in meditation, creativity and reflection. The method of creative meditation can be used for many reasons so I have made each chapter a theme that stands on it's own.

If you are looking for more focus and concentration do the exercises in Busy to Focused. If you are a person that loves to be present in nature I have written Go to Green for you. Should you be the person with artist materials in your closet Color to Courage might be perfect for you. Naturally you can also discover all the chapters and the course will turn into a journey in creative self discovery.

You can now buy the book in the shop on this site as an Ebook or a physical copy.

In January I will release an online class to flow alongside the book.

I would also like to thank my partners in this adventure of developing this method and book.

Jacyntha England for being a talented and patient editor. Marita Lekmo for providing wisdom in product development and focus. Börje Arvidsson for discussing the writing on every other Tuesday. Mathilde Gautier for doing an exploratory study to start to look at the effects of Creative Meditation. My students that have tried the method and been an important part of this journey. My partner Shan, children, family and friends for all the support. All the wise contributors in this product deserves a big thank you and I

will write blog posts to introduce them to you!

If you are curious about the study on Creative Meditation by Mathilde Gautier you can find a condensed version on Transverses.

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