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A lesson from Hilma af Klint and Kusama

students painting in the workshop on Hilma af Klint
photo from the Hilma af Klint workshop

Yesterday we had a workshop in Karlstad, Sweden using creative meditation and inspiration from two masters of creating art beyond what you can see to infinity. Hilma af Klint was born in 1862 and painted

until she passed 1944. On some of her paintings, she made a mark that they should bot be shown until

20 years after her passing. She started out as a landscape and portrait painter but became interested

in spiritualism as a teenager, and later formed the group called the "fem" (five) that held seances.

Hilma got her largest commission through channeling, and it was a large body of work. Part of these

where the ten largest that have been shown at Guggenheim.

Kusama is today 87 years old and is one of the worlds most loved and successful contemporary artist that just celebrated 50 years as an artist. She sees art as her medicine, and her goal is to create joy and love.

Both these amazing creators served as our inspiration during a workshop.

We watched a short documentary on both, did color meditations and worked inspired by what we saw in meditation. The goal was to open our own inner eye and to be inspired by the stories, colors and challenges face by 2 wonderful artists.

I could probably write a book on what you could learn from these two artists. But if I have to limit myself to the most important lessons this would be it:

1. Trust your intuition.

2. Dare to try things that no one has tried before.

3. Stay true to your artistic voice.

4. Keep creating.

5. Dare to try many new expressions to find yours.

6. Paint from the soul.

What I learned from the group:

1. Color can shift your mood instantly

2. Our masterpieces are often connected to our personal stories

3. It takes courage to let go of control and create.

To reach this space I find that there is an alchemy between meditation and creativity.

I will release online courses with the color meditations later in March.

If there is interest from you I would also be happy to do this as a virtual workshop live.

Let me know if this is something that you would like.

These two amazing artists will continue to inspire me throughout my creative life.


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