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10 ideas to let go of perfection in creating,

I woke up at 6 am and realized that today's painting workshop on color and landscape would be indoors,

so we started off with coffee and discussing what we wanted with the day. We came up with an overall theme:

The need to let go of perfection and allow yourself to play with creativity and color.

We got some inspiration from a master in landscape and color, David Hockney. The day went by so quickly and each one of us tried something that we had never done before, including me.

These are a few things of what we tried:

  1. A leftover wallpaper piece works well to paint on or use as a mixing palette.

2. You can sketch with a twig from a chestnut tree. Theresa calls it "literal landscape_painting". I enjoyed how it felt in my hand.

3. When you sketch on time 2 - 4 minutes you sometimes create masterpieces, because you let go of to much detail.

4. Sketching simple with a brush with color can help you see the composition, and try out different solutions for your artwork.

5. David Hockney likes to use bold contour colors on trees, and roads. This was something a few of us tried.

6. We tried starting reworking a painting in several layers. Changing and evolving.

7. We tried adding colors that we normally don't use or love.

8. We allowed ourselves to follow the flow of a wonderful "accident" and turn it into the focal point of

our painting.

9. The mindful moment was taking the time to explore an object from nature with our senses.

10. We learned and co-created from discussing and working together.

When you have a creative day with a group you get so many new perspectives and insights. You see so many ways to put paint on canvas solutions. It brings laughter and a mindset that a creative task can be solved in thousands of ways.

It was like taking a walk-in color, in different landscapes.

These days feed creativity and innovation in other areas.

Trying out new things makes us less scared as we can feel like beginners and be allowed to play.

We need it to find joy in seeing something new, in daring to go out of our comfort zone. When we do this it makes it easier to solve other tasks as well.

If creativity and mindfulness inspires you I would also like you to check out the blog of one of the participants in the workshop "Zen and then some"

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