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Stretching for artists

Contemporary painting 1

Over and over I ask my students to stretch. To take 2 – 10 minutes and create without thinking. Use Chinese ink and a lot of cheap paper, or whatever medium makes you smile. It is good if you feel that you can ruin it so don’t use the handmade paper that you love. Don’t look upon it as something that is going to become an awesome artwork, try to look at it as stretching before and after you run, or practicing scales on your piano. It is an important part of developing. If you can’t think of what to paint, then start drawing straight and curved lines with a brush. I challenge you to put in 10 minutes a couple of times a week, you will see a difference. If you would like to try I would be glad if you shared it back with me, no I would be thrilled.

If anyone has time tomorrow morning there is a workshop in composition at Studio Miu. Composition is one of arts 8 foundations.

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