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School of creative exploration is open,

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Painting and creativity can be a great tool to relax, unwind and have fun. When we add mindfulness it becomes a tool for increased well being. When we find calm and focus we make better decisions and creativity can help us see new possibilities.

But many of us has stopped creating since childhood. We lost interest because we didn't like our drawing, someone said something about our painting, or art wasn't fun in school. Art wasn't considered to be important. There are so many reasons.

Yet, in today's world art and creativity are important. It can be a tool for wellness and personal growth, as well as a tool for decision making and innovation. Creativity and innovation can change how you feel about yourself and it can also be how you can give back to your community or create a new product.

You will not learn all of this in one mindful painting class but I hope to inspire you to play with your curiosity.

In my new series the mindful painting classes, I am doing my best to give you exercises to boost your curiosity, and at the same time show you materials, techniques and design thinking.

These are great classes for anyone that wants to explore there creativity, and paint to relax.

Each one has it's own flavor and I hope you find one or two to inspire you.

I will add new classes to the collection throughout summer!

They come with a low base price, and on top of that you have 30% of until the 15th of June.

Hope to bring more color to your summer.

Right now you will find two collage classes, one on texture, painting expressive feathers, acrylic butterflies

and sunflowers.

Enjoy creating throughout the summer. In the picture above you see textures made with sugar, salt and gauze.

Explore painting to relax.

"Ingela is so passionate about art in general and teaching it seems to be a joy to her. That shines thru in her art classes." Susanne Wallin

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