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Art journal from times in transformation,

This is a page from the opening of my art journal created on the 20th of March in KL. Experiencing the fact that you can't go outside as you always have been used to. On the other hand, the sky is already starting to become bluer. It is a confusing feeling. There is a feeling of striving, working to understand and come to terms with the new life and restrictions. Naturally a longing for freedom and connection.

The next day there is a lot of emerald green, the color of the heart, and yellow the color of joy. Overall it is a longing to nature and freedom. The orange of creativity is in the water, and purple of spirituality in the sail. Going deeper into meditation now when there is more time.

It is hard to focus on work.

The almost overwhelming anxiety from the first days is decreasing. When I open the windows in the morning the birds are loud, and it reminds me of a rainforest. The city is quiet. I am painting with green tones for life and harmony. I am settling into a new right now. I am settling into myself.

This painting reflects the feeling of sadness of everything that is breaking and gratitude for how nature is breathing again. It is also a decision to go deeper into personal transformation for me.

Transformation again from a different perspective, the tree is still present. During this time I am still experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulder blades. The painting represents the need to let go of trying to hold on and embrace what is right now.

This painting is from the 19th of April. A dress in the color of the heart emerald green and trust within myself. The outside circumstances haven't changed still inside safe and sound.

This is a practice that I have been doing for almost 4,5 years now. Each week I learn something new about myself, I see how I am feeling and what I don\t want to see usually comes up in all color.

My art meditation works are very personal and it feels like opening up my diary to show them like this, but these are times of transformation.

For me meditating, creating and reflecting connects me to a journey of self-discovery. It helps me sort, focus, and dream. It doesn't make reality different, but it has completely changed the way I react to it.

It has helped me in so many ways, that is why I decided to post it online and why I have devoted years on developing this process to courses and books.

If you would like to learn the process I have put a discount on the course 21 days of art meditation.

That is an introduction to this process.

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