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How to unleash your creative genius,

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

When I was writing my book Create to Flow, I allowed myself time to research flow and creativity. Each month I read a book to understand more. I am a quick reader, but with these books I underlined and reflected on the parts that I found had keys for wellness and performance.

Maybe that sounds to make perfect sense, but I am a creative soul. I like to read something, get inspired and create something from it before breakfast. I used to work with graphics when it was still called advertising and most of the clients wanted brilliant graphics in no time. They liked to call 11.45 to say that they wanted a advertisement before noon. I did it for ten years until I felt that my creativity had been squeezed dry. It certainly wasn't my clients fault, I had started to believe that this was the way it was supposed to be.

One of the books in my learning experience was put in my hand by my mentor Marita Lekmo. She had been talking to me about the importance of reflection for over 20 years, and had been to Harvard to study with Tal Ben Shahar. The book was Joy of Leadership, by Tal Ben Shahar and Angus Ridgway.

Both authors knows first hand about creating and preforming from stress, and how it diminishes your capability. In this book you learn about the power of recovery, and how you can maximize your impact by working from your strengths.

In the book they explain why we want to be in Flow.

In flow you FEEL GREAT and you are in your PEEK PERFORMANCE..

Let's allow that to sink in.

A friend told me about trying out a karate class. She experienced an hour of total focus where everything felt like it just flowed. After that she was always looking for that feeling.

I experience it when I am in the studio one hundred percent and the paint flows.

Another friend when she plans a new strategy.

Flow is not only about performing or creating the masterpiece it is about performing from a calm state of mind with curiosity and focus.

I suppose you can say that it is sustainable creativity with the ability to create masterpieces.

I have created a process that I call Creative Meditation, to help you to reach a calm state of mind with curiosity and focus.

It involves three tools that have been scientifically proven to be efficient: meditation, creativity and reflection. When you apply them in one process, each one will allow for and open up for the next.

Meditation - will calm the mind an open up for curiosity

Creativity - will open the door to several possibilities

Reflection - a tool to focus to analyse

This process will allow you to make decisions that are grounded in your values, feels right and

open up for new solutions. Along the way you will learn a lot about yourself.

This process is what you learn to practice in the book Create to Flow.

You can get the book on my website or on Amazon.

I have also outlined an online course that follows the exercises in the book.

A new course starts on the 20th of May.

It is a tool to set yourself up for FLOW, along the way learn about yourself and

reach your creative genius.

Voices from students during a research on creative meditation:

"I feel safer with myself."

"I feel more present"

"It allows me to sort out what's important and what's not."

Now I would love to hear from you about what book on creativity made an impact on you.

Kindly use the hashtag #my_favorite_creative_book

If you are in Sweden you can find my mentors learning network on

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